Great deals, best price and best customer service!!! 5 stars
For the past three years when I shop I always check this store first before Walmart, Amazon or any other retailers and I always find better price, better deals here, plus great customer service. Theirs can't be beat! A+++++
Love this place...a lots of stuff with a good price.they have daily needs,books,electronic, toys ,shoes,bag,make up,detergent, water bottle and many more...check it out guys..the people that work really nice..too!
Our go to store whenever we are looking for great deals, great savings! Their prices are really competitive, and all good quality items. My family and I shop from their online store quite often and always save lots of money on everyday necessities, gifts, baby diapers, wipes, formula, you name them all. Now they have opened their physical store, and it's right around where we live, it is so convenient! We are checking out the store frequently and saving money. Our pockets thank them :)
They just open for business when I went there. I have to say I'm impress, they have different variety of item and the price is lower than Wal-Mart. The worker also really friendly and helpful.
A little hard to find the place since they are located at the back of the shopping complex, but then price is great around 50% cheaper than Walmart for like detergent,shampoo, etc They across from Walmart and behind play it again sport. Pretty impressive they have a lot of different item from laundry detergent, hand soap, diaper, pet product and cup and plates. The owner told me that they originally doing business strictly online and branch out to open a front store and they got their stuff from liquidations that's why they have variety of item. Will check what they have on my weekly grocery run just Incase they have what I need.
Variety of household items with great prices!